Journalism2 - johendley

Hurricane Sandy

Documenting the damage to New Jersey and New York beach communities by Hurricane Sandy. I've travelled to many of the towns to photograph the destruction, the cleanup and eventually the rebuilding. Photographed the Jersey shore from the air as well as ground. A percentage of profit from ALL sales goes directly to help restore the shore. If you would like custom sizes or black/white - please contact me. More images will be added. Commercial license available.

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The Tent City Project

I anticipate photographing the people of Tent City for at least a year, documenting both it's residents, along with some of their personal stories, and the continuing evolution of the homeless camp in Lakewood NJ (established 2006). I'm hoping to raise both awareness and funds for those in need within our own Community, and Country, that seem to go un-noticed by many of our politicians. A portion of all profit from the sale of these images (available in more sizes/formats etc- e-mail with any questions) will go directly to help benefit the homeless. Thank you for looking.  

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